P.T.G. Activities

All through the school year, the East Catholic P.T.G. organizes a variety of activities which enrich the overall East Catholic School and St Maurice Parish experience. Due to the close connections between the two, it is not unusual to find parents and staff working on a variety of school and parish committees with the same or related goals. Some activities are almost always certain to be repeated every new school year and new activities added.


Volunteer Activities

You can volunteer for any P.T.G. activity of your choice, and we encourage all parent families to volunteer as much of their talent and time as they possibly can. You can find a wide variety of activities organized by East Catholic P.T.G.. Participation in them not only add vibrancy to the school year, but some of them actually help in generating funds for the School.

Parent Volunteers are always needed in the school, especially in the cafeteria and as monitors on the playground at lunch time.  Parent volunteers must have all their clearances before they can volunteer. If you need information on how to obtain this, please call the school office at 412-351-5403.


P.T.G. Market Day

Pick-up days for Market Day normally fall on the first Saturday each month. Pick-up times are between 9:15 a.m. and 10:15 am of the pick-up day. Please endeavor to pick-up your orders within this time frame. We are unable to provide storage on or off campus for orders that remain uncollected.

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You can fill your SCRIP Order on a form you can download here that performs all your calculations and gives you an accurate count and dollar value of your order.  Or you can download it from the Forms page. Submit your completed form to East Catholic by the due date. All orders must be accompanied by a check for the full amount of the order, made payable to East Catholic PTG.

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