Forms and Documents

East Catholic School makes available to parents of its students a variety of it’s official forms. The purpose is to facilitate school-parent official interaction. Full compliance with all East Catholic School forms use guidelines and school policies is expected.

General Use Policy

East Catholic Forms are provided solely for the purpose that the form name describes. It is not permissible to use any form, separately or collectively, in any way or manner, other than the intended purpose expressed or implied in the form name, and/or in any accompanying guidelines. All forms must be returned to East Catholic School.


We accept only manually signed forms. We do not accept forms submitted electronically. Our mailing address can be found at the bottom of each form, at the top of each webpage. After downloading the form, you can fill it out on your computer, save it, then print it for submission. For multiple submissions, make the necessary edits to your first copy and save each under a different name; then print and submit the relevant copies.