Parents and visitors to the East Catholic School website may contact us for further information. If we receive a request in writing, we are mostly likely to send a response in writing; or if a response already exists on this website or in a document available to parents, we will point you to that information.

If a parent or visitor would like to have a discussion on a specific issue with any school official or teacher, we advise that you contact the particular school official or teacher by email to schedule an appointment for that meeting. This is to ensure as little disruption to the school day, as possible, and also to give the official or teacher time to prepare for the meeting.

To contact school officials, please refer to the contacts below; to contact teachers, please click on ‘Faculty and Staff’ on the menu above.

Unscheduled and drop-in visits are not encouraged.

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Mr. David Barr, BS, MSEdPrincipal(412) 351-5403(412) 273-9114Mr. David Barr
Fr. Larry AdamsSt. Maurice Parish Administrator(412) 271-0809(412) 271-2415Fr. Larry Adams
Mrs. Tracey DeFilippoSecretary(412) 351-5403(412) 273-9114Tracey DeFilippo
Virginia BelavicCafeteria Manager(412) 351-5417
Beth BruckerAfter-School Care(412) 728-8989