K-8 ParishK-8 Non-ParishPreschool
1 Child$4,7201 Child$6,7103 Yr. Old$1,851
2 Children$8,4962 Children$12,0784 Yr. Old Full Day$2,993
3 Children$10,9503 Children$16,1044 Yr. Old Half Day$2,393

Tuition Agreement Form

We use FACTS Tuition Management for our tuition needs. Each new family must create an account and set up your tuition agreement form by going to 

This is the same account you will use to complete your financial aid application.

Tuition Support

Scholarship monies are available for eligible families. The FACTS Tuition Management application is used. To complete the application, log on to your FACTS account and follow the instructions to complete the application. These applications are assessed by an independent evaluator. This one application is used for Scholastic Opportunities Scholarship (SOS) for all students and the Bishop’s Education Fund (BEF) for Catholic students. The application forms, which are available online only, must be filed by March 15th. Late applications will be accepted for new registrations. In addition, any family from St. Maurice Parish who applies for the above grants, whether they receive aid or not, are eligible for the Angel Fund of St. Maurice Parish. Each of the other Parishes in the Consortium will develop their own Angel Fund or another way to help their families with tuition. The amount of individual grants will be based on the amount of money available and the need of each family. Consideration will be given to size of family, number of children in school, and any special circumstances.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

The following are provided to make Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Pittsburgh affordable:

• The Diocese of Pittsburgh distributes approximately 6,000 grants a year from the Scholastic Opportunity Scholarship (SOS) Fund. Grants range from $100 to thousands of dollars based on eligibility and need.

• There is also aid for Catholic students from the Bishop Education Fund (BEF) with grants based on need.

• There are a number of foundations and scholarship organizations that provide additional tuition aid.

• Many elementary schools have Angel Funds and High Schools have tuition assistance grants.

Business Tax Credit Program

A Better Use for Your State Tax Dollars …

• Wouldn’t you love to divert your state taxes to a really good cause that would benefit quality, cost effective Catholic schools in your community.

• PA’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program provides a tax credit of up to 90% for companies that donate to approved non-profit scholarship organizations in the Commonwealth.  Credit can be up to 100% with this donation counting as a charitable gift on your Federal taxes.

• Since 2001 the Diocese of Pittsburgh has raised close to $20 million from 220 companies for its Scholastic Opportunity Scholarship (SOS) fund.

• All C Corporations, S Corporations and Subchapter S Corporations can give from their tax bill up to $300,000 annually.

• So if you pay corporate net income tax, capital stock & franchise tax, insurance premium tax, title insurance tax, or are a pass-through corporation, you are eligible to give.

• For information call Dr. Ron Bowes at 412-456-3090 or email