Soccer Schedules

1st/2nd Grade

1Saturday4/61 pmSts. Peter and PaulEast CatholicForest Hills Park
2Saturday4/139 amEast CatholicCarlow Campus School WhiteCommunity Day School
3Saturday4/271 pmEast CatholicSts. Peter and PaulBeaver Area High School
4Saturday5/4TBDEast CatholicCarlow Campus School BlueCommunity Day School
5Saturday5/4TBDCarlow Campus School BlueEast CatholicForest Hills Park
6Saturday5/111 p,mBlessed TrinityEast CatholicForest Hills Park
7Saturday5/1812:30 pmEast CatholicSt. ElizabethMaize Field/Pleasant Hills
8Saturday5/251 pmCarlow Campus School BlueEast CatholicForest Hills Park

3rd/4th Grade

1Saturday4/64:30 pmCarlow Campus SchoolEast CatholicWilkins Primary
2Sunday4/71 pmEast CatholicSt. Thomas MoreSt. Thomas Moore
3Saturday4/131 pmEast CatholicSt. Philip WhiteSt. Paul Seminary
4Saturday4/2711:45 amEast CatholicSt. Philip GreenSt. Paul Seminary
5Saturday5/44:30 pmSt. Philip WhiteEast CatholicWilkins Primary
6Saturday5/1112:30 p,mEast CatholicSt. ElizabethMaize Field/Pleasant Hills
7Saturday5/184:30 pmBlessed TrinityEast CatholicWilkins Primary
8Saturday5/254:30 pmAquinas AcademyEast CatholicWilkins Primary


GameDayDateJV TimeVarsity TimeVisitingHomeLocation
1Saturday3/3010 am11:15 amEast CatholicCarlow Campus SchoolBrasher High School
2Saturday4/62 pm3:15 pmHoly TrinityEast CatholicWoodland Hills High School
3Sunday4/72 pm3:15 pmEast CatholicSt. Thomas MoreSt. Thomas More
4 JVSaturday4/134 pmJV OnlyEast CatholicSts. Peter and PaulBeaver High School
4 VarSunday4/14Varsity Only2:30 pmEast CatholicBlessed Francis Seelos #2Marshall Elementary School
5 JVSaturday4/272 pmJV OnlySts. Peter and PaulEast CatholicWoodland Hills High School
5 VarSaturday4/27Varsity Only3:15 pmBlessed Francis Seelos #2East CatholicWoodland Hills High School
6Saturday5/411:30 am12:45 pmEast CatholicSt. PhilipSt. Paul Seminary
7Saturday5/112 pm3:15 pmCarlow Campus SchoolEast CatholicWoodland Hills High School
8Saturday5/182 pm3:15 pmSt. PhilipEast CatholicWoodland Hills High School