2019-2020 School Year Program Additions

Good Morning EC family,

I wanted to share some information with you regarding two new programs we recently purchased for the 2019-2020 school year. Both of these programs were purchased with Title IV funds that come from the Woodland Hills School District through the Equitable Participation program. Basically, these are use them or lose them funds.

The first program is STAR Math. Star Math is an online tool that will be used to help strengthen every students math comprehension. The program is an online support program that students will be able to get reinforcement practice on topics they are learning in their classroom. In some cases it will be a tool to help those students with advanced math skills to push their knowledge to the next level while still being a part of the classroom instruction. This program is meant for all levels of learners. The great pieces that come with it from our standpoint is that the staff receives live professional development and support along with data analysis to see how our students are progressing. The live data support will then coach our teachers on how best to support our students with live lessons and also the STAR Math online program. This program comes to us from the same company that we get the Accelerated Reader program from. We are very excited to be able to really push our math classes to higher levels of comprehension for all students.

The second program will take our learning lab to the next level. We have purchased Makers Empire. Makers Empire introduces all age and grade levels to the use of 3D printing. With this program we receive an additional 3D printer (giving us 2) along with curriculum for all grades in the learning lab. My goal when we changed the lab was to turn it into a cooperative learning makers space. The class will examine real problems we have at EC or in our communities and design and develop materials to solve those issues. This will turn our learning lab into an interactive space where students will work together to think, design and create. It is my hope that this will be a great learning opportunity for our children!

Both of these programs, along with one other investment I am looking at is all in the effort to give our students the best opportunities available.