Each year, our fundraising program starts with each family signing a Fundraising Commitment Agreement which you can download here or on the Downloads page. Each family commits to the same dollar amount of fundraising, but may choose from a number of options as to how they wish to meet their fundraising goal. These options include outright full payment by check or other payment method, of the goal amount; or a specific partial payment of the goal amount, combined with a variety of family activities, such as sales and/or orders of specific items sold through East Catholic School. Portions of such sales and/or orders are calculated towards each family’s fundraising goal.

If the sales, orders or partial payments fail to meet the specified fundraising goal for that year by the end of the school year, the particular family is still liable for the outstanding balance of their fundraising goal, which must be paid immediately. Details of the options are contained in the agreement.

PTG Fundraising Connections

Giant Eagle – Apples for the StudentsGiant Eagle Apples for the Students

If you shop at Giant Eagle, you most probably have a Giant Eagle Advantage Card. This card allows you to get Food and Fuel perks whenever you shop at Giant Eagle. You can now use the same card to help East Catholic School receive financial assistance from Giant Eagle’s Apples for the Students program, by designating East Catholic School as the recipient. Our school code is 1135. Simply click the Giant Eagle icon here to access the program page and following the on-screen directions to register. The program starts in October. Click On The Logo To Find Out More

Shop N’ Save – S.E.E.D.

We have been fortunate to have had a number of free assemblies through the SEED program sponsored by Shop ‘n     Save. Each year a parent would count all of the receipts and ensure that we had $250 for each student attending the assembly.Shop'n Save Seed Program

This year that will change. Shop ‘n Save will still be offering the assemblies but you no longer have to save your receipts. Go to the Shop ‘n Save website,, register your card and designate East Catholic School as the recipient of the points. They will automatically be added to our account. So be sure to register and to ask your friends and relatives to do the same so that we are able to continue to receive the free assemblies.  Click On The Logo To Find Out More

Box Tops for Education

East Catholic School is a participant in the Box Tops for Education program. Many product packages (e.g. cereal boxes, plastic wrappers, etc.) may have a box top logo printed on them.Box Tops for Education Carefully cut the logo out and save them for submission to our school. We receive $.10 for each box top that is submitted, so the more we submit, the more we earn. Be sure to send them in with your child. Click On The Logo To Find Out More


East Catholic School has participated in recycling programs for some time now, helping our school as well as protecting the environment. This year, we are participating in a cartridge recycling program, in partnership with Charitable Cartridge Recycling, to earn money through recycling of empty inkjet, laser toner cartridges and old cell phones. You may drop these East Catholic Recyclingoff in the box provided in school.

East Catholic also collects newspapers to recycle. There are bins located in the upper parking lot where you can drop off your newspapers, magazines, and scrap paper. A similar program last year helped to collect 55.5 tons of scrap paper and saved 196 cubic yards of landfill space. East Catholic also received a financial donation for its efforts.

My Coke RewardsCoke Rewards

Donate points to our school, so we can get rewards like art supplies and sports equipment, and support all the ways kids play. Even the smallest point contribution can lead to great things for our students. Click On The Logo To Find Out Project A PlusMore

Tyson Labels

Clip and save the Tyson Project A+ Label. Turn in the labels at school. The Tyson Project A+ program runs the entire school year. East Catholic School can redeem the labels for cash to use any way it wants. Each label is worth 24¢ (minimum 100 labels). Click On The Logo To Find Out More